TELL-IG Rap Session 2014 Northern Regional Conference

During recent 2014 Northern Regional Conference, titled Collaborating and Learning, held at Sacramento County Office of Education on April 26, 2014, TELL-IG held a rap session at lunch. The notes and links to resources can be found on TELL-IG’s wiki.

Participants shared their experiences, favorite resources and tools, as well as asked for advice of the group regarding technology integration in ESL teaching and learning.

From smart classrooms, interactive whiteboards, to ESL YouTube channels, to online quizzes and discussion prompt repositories – these were only some of the topics shared. Also we talked about QR codes, certification for online teaching and Web sites with good printable worksheets. Finally some participants had questions about how to start a project where they would videotape real-time teacher presentations and include them as video clips in an online course to deliver to an audience different than their classroom learners. If you have any suggestions and resources to share, please join the conversation on TELL IG google group at



About teacherbranka

teaching ESL in California and working to promote effective technology integration in adult education at a family literacy level
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