LA Regional CATESOL TELL-IG Rap Session, March 8, 2014

About 15 participants attended the TELL-IG rap session at the LA Regional CATESOL conference at CSU Northridge on March 8. The facilitator was Marla Yosihda from UC Irvine Extension. 

Here are some of their interests and shared resources:

Sources of teaching ideas and activities:  Sharing worksheets and activities created by teachers. Website to accompany the Azar grammar series. Includes teaching advice, “Talking Heads” grammar tutorials, downloadable teachers’ guides and Fun with Grammar book, and a blog.

Resources for teaching and learning online:  “an education platform that partners with top universities and organizations worldwide, to offer courses online for anyone to take, for free.”  A classroom management website similar to moodle or Blackboard, but easier to use. TED-Ed: A classroom-oriented version of TED, a collection of short talks on many subjects by interesting people. Great for listening practice in higher levels.

Other cool things: Helps students make short movies by choosing backgrounds, animated characters, and sound. Helps students make comic strips by choosing characters and typing in dialog.

Participants also discussed ideas for using cell phones in class as timers, sound recorders, video cameras, and “clickers” for polling students.






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teaching ESL in California and working to promote effective technology integration in adult education at a family literacy level
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