TELL-IG is present at regional and annual conferences.

At regionals there are RAP sessions during lunch when members can share what they do with technology in their ESL classes.

At annual conferences TELL-IG holds:

  • Business meeting
  • Colloquium
  • Newcomers orientation

TELL-IG members hold workshops and presentations in:

  • Electronic Village Hands-on Lab(s)
  • Electronic Village Browsing Room
    • Internet Fair
    • Distance Learning Fair
    • Software Fair

Conference Archives

State 2010: Teaching and Learning in a Global Community

Technology-related Presetantions 2010: Schedule

Distance Learning Fair 2010

Internet Fair 2010

Software Fair 2010

Regionals 2009

Lists of Tehnology Related Workshops Not Available

Annual 2009: Whole Learner, Whole Teacher

Technology-related Presentations 2009: Schedule

Distance Learning Fair 2009

Internet Fair 2009

Software Fair 2009

Regionals 2008

Northern Regional 2008

Los Angeles Regional 2008

San Diego Regional not available

State 2008

Technology-related workshops Schedule

Distance Learning Fair 2008

Internet Fair 2008

Software Fair 2008

Regionals 2007

San Diego Regional 2007

Los Angeles Regional 2007

Northern Regional 2007

State 2007

Hands-on Workshops Schedule 2007

Distance Learning Fair 2007

Internet Fair 2007

Software Fair 2007

Regionals 2006

San Diego Regional 2006

LA/OC Regional 2006

Northern Regional 2006

Photo from Northern Regional 2006
TELL-IG Rap Session @ Northern Regional 2006 at Las Positas CC

State 2006

TELLIG events at State 2006

Hands-on Workshops Schedule 2006

Distance Learning Fair 2006

Internet Fair 2006

Software Fair 2006

Regionals 2005

Regional Conferences 2005

State 2005

TELLIG events at State 2005

Electronic Village Fairs Schedule

Hands-on Workshops Schedule 2005

Call for Proposals for Electronic Village Fairs

Regionals 2004

Photo from Northern Regional 2004
Northern Regional 2004


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