Welcome to the Web pages for TELL-IG, Technology Enhanced Language Learning Interest Group with CATESOL, California and Nevada Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages professional organization [catesol.org]

Our interest group is dedicated to finding the most effective, easy, and fun ways to incorporate technology into the language-learning classroom! Whether you are a “newbie” or an expert, come join us as we work and learn together in this exciting, fast-growing, and ever-changing field.

Our goals:

  • To alleviate some of the fear associated with technology
  • To educate our fellow teachers on ways to use technology to enhance language learning
  • To gather and evaluate resources that can be used by our members and members of CATESOL
  • To share our knowledge, experience, and expertise in order to better understand and utilize technology
  • To be actively involved in both the regional and statewide conferences

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One Response to About

  1. Sandra Davenport says:

    Hi, I am working on my MA-TESOL at Cal State East Bay. Just recently, I have read numerous journal articles about the effectiveness of using concordancers and corpora of authentic texts in the teaching of grammar and vocabulary. I am really excited about this but am having little success actually using a concordancer (like COCA, Compleat /Complete Lexical Tutor, or Micase) to do anything but the most basic queries. Anyone out there who uses any of these concordancers enough to give me a little help with specific queries, especially about grammar.

    Sandy Davenport

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