These are only some of the ESL teachers throughout California who have been active in TELL-IG. Please feel free to add your own name and your new online places. Register with TELL-IG and contact the admin to receive editing rights to this Web site. The list is in alphabetical order.

Bakin, Barry

Bebawi, Sabri

Blum, Richard

Bogage, Beth

Brice, Jim

Cabahug, Elma

Carrera, Fernanda

Chan, Marsha

Copeland, Malena

Dansereau, Sharon

Doneff, David

Dupuy, Roger

Ferlazzo, Larry

Freed, Arlyn

Fujihara, Ron

Gagliardi, Jennifer

Gaer, Susan

Gwynne, Steve + his Quia pages

Hanson-Smith, Elizabeth

Ifft, MaryAnne

Lee, Ron

Lieu, Mark Wade

Marcy, Peggy

Moon, Bruce

Niven, Christina

Patterson, Sally

Price, Donna

Reed, Mia

Reske, Skip

Reyes, Kristi

Richman, Jacob

Roy, Blair

Ryan, Clarissa

Sander, Tina
Tina’s Computer Resource book at Lulu

Scofield, Jim

Sconduto, David

Shanklin, Trevor

Slabe, Charlene

Sucher, Kathy

Thacher, Marian

Uram, Andrea

Wallis, Diane + her Web Page

Wentworth, Francisca

Zheng, Hongyan


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