Yahoo Group

Update on July 11, 2016: There has been very little activity in the past years in our Yahoo Group. It will be de-activated a year from now. Please join our Facebook group

Our discussion group has been very active since CATESOL 2005 in Long Beach. Join us in sharing ideas. Ask the group for advice or help.

You will need a Yahoo ID to participate, if you already don’t have one. (hint: If you have Yahoo e-mail, that is your ID as well.)

TELLIG Yahoo Group Screenshot

YahooGroups offers a discusson board where we can post our messages (at different times – so called asynchronous chat), and read and answer to the messages posted by others. This is very similar to the listserve, but there are more features like the date when the group was started, how many messages were posted in each month and the number of members. The members page creates a sense of community when you add your photo and tell us a little more about yourself. Links page can be used to showcase our and our students’ Web pages. There is a database we could use to share our files, as well. We can create polls and surveys. The options are many and exciting.


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