Annual Conference 2012: Deeply Rooted, Always Growing

TELL sessions are spread throughout the program with many hands-on sessions in the California Room. Technology  is also highlighted in Saturday’s Technology in the
Classroom Institute. And for the first time, the TELL, TEW, and adult interest groups have teamed up for the Adult Level  Workshop on technology and transitions. See Concurrent
Sessions for details.




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North Regional 2011: Showcasing Teaching and Research – TELL-IG Rap

Around 20 attended


New environment without technology

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San Diego Regional 2011: Creating the Future Now: Change, Transition, and Innovation – TELL-IG Rap Session

More than 24 people attended the rap. Attendees informally shared the top hardware, gadgets, peripherals, software, Web sites/applications that they are using and/or interesting in using or learning more about. 

Hot topics were blended learning, cell phones, and iPad apps.

Notable Web sites that were shared were The Language Guide, an online picture dictionary with audio and exercises for practicing vocabulary, and Reading Skills for Today’s Adults for timed reading fluency practice.

Kristi Reyes, current coordinator, shared  the results of a survey she conducted through the listserv in Spring 2011.

What are the top 3 – 5 hardware, gadgets, peripherals you use in your teaching (laptops, ipads, cell phones, USB microphones, LCD projectors, interactive white boards, etc.?

  • Results from survey (22 took the survey):  iPad, Document Camera, OH Projector, LCD projector, interactive whiteboard, document camera, laptop, CD player, photocopier

What are the top 3 – 5 software programs you use in your teaching? (e.g., wordprocessing, slideshow presentation, text-to-speech, ESL-specific, etc.)?

  • Results from survey : iPad app- DocAS, iPod-music, google docs word processing, slideshow presentation, publisher software for adopted text (English In Action), wordprocessing, slideshow presentations, lots of online links to various online resources, PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Oxford Picture Dictionary Presentation Tool, Rosetta Stone, wordprocessing, typing tutor, web browsers (IE, Firefox, Safari),  Audacity,  Live Action English Interactive

What are the top 3 – 5 Web sites / applications you use in your teaching? (e.g., Google, Facebook, email, ESL-specific, etc.)

  • Results from survey : classroom weblog (, google docs
    email accounts, quizstar, Cambridge Dictionary Online, Google images
    VOA special English,,, material connected to textbooks, material I authored and put up on my own instructor web site, PB wiki, Google Search, Apps, Gmail,, YouTube, ESL, EFLNet, Blackboard, YouTube, Gmail + Google Docs, ANVILL (from Univ. of Oregon), Voxopop

What is/are the newest technology(ies) that you want to use in your teaching AND/OR that you are interested in learning more about?

  • Results from survey : iPad apps, classroom clickers, distance learning via Moodle, free web-based materials, sound & video, Weebly, Spelling City, Blogs, talking videos, interactive whiteboard, use of technology depends on its availability, lack of money determines tech usage, how other teachers are using Facebook



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TELLIG Flyer for CATESOL 2011

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TELL-IG Business Meeting Agenda

Long Beach, April 8, 2011, Friday, 5:00-5:45| Convention Center 102C


a.    Membership
b.    Listserv switched from TESOL to CATESOL
c.    Yahoo Group ,
d.    Report on rap sessions at Regional conferences.
e.    Newsletter articles-Volunteers. CATESOL newsletter is published 4 times a year.
f.    Electronic Village morphed to Technology Mini Presentations


2010-2011 Steering Committee
a.    Coordinator (Branka Marceta)
b.    Coordinator-elect (Kristi Reyes)
c.    Electronic Village Coordinator (Jose Lopez and Susan Gaer)
d.    Vendor Liaison (not needed at this time)
e.    Web master (Branka Marceta)
f.    Secretary/Publicity Coordinator (Marsha Chan)
g.    Listserv moderator (Margaret Teske/ Alisa Takeuchi)
New committee for 2011-2012
a.    Coordinator – Kristi Reyes
b.    Coordinator-elect  –
c.    Electronic Village Coordinator –
d.    Vendor Liaison –
e.    Web master – Branka Marceta
f.    Secretary/Publicity Coordinator  –
g.    Listserv moderator – Alisa Takeuchi


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Technology Enhanced Language Learning Interest Group at CATESOL 2011

Friday, April 8, 5:00 5:45 pm Convention Center 102C
Branka Marceta, TELL-IG Coordinator
Most CATESOL members are also members of at least one CATESOL interest group. All CATESOL members are encouraged to attend one of the annual networking and business meetings. It’s an opportunity to find out more
about the various interest groups and network with likeminded colleagues.


(wiki page with summaries and handouts)

Friday, April 8, 4:00 – 4:45 pm Convention Center 102C
Branka Marceta, TELL-IG Coordinator; OTAN
Barry Bakin, LAUSD Division of Adult and Career Educations
Cindy Wislofsky, San Diego Community College District Continuing Education
David Sconduto, Glendale Community College

A panel of ESOL teachers will present information about integrating technology in language learning in the classroom and beyond. Topics covered will include using wikis to build a collaborative website with students from another school or country using Google Docs to create worksheet.

Friday, April 8, 10:00 – 11:30 pm Convention Center 101B

  • Writing Your Way with Google Docs, Alexandros Bantis, Miguel Contreras Learning Complex
  • Getting Started with Moodle Course Management Software, Jee-Eun Oh, UC Irvine
  • Text-to-Speech Technology as an ESL Writing Tool, Cole Schober, University of Oregon
  • Creating Interactive Tutorials with Keynote or PowerPoint, Marla Yoshida, UC Irvine

Saturday, April 9, 9:00 – 9:45 pm Convention Center 101B

  • Facebook: It’s Not All Evil. Use theGroup Feature! Grace Hur, Biola University
  • Share Student Work Online, Eli Clarke, MiraCosta College
  • Wordsift: Visualizing Text, Dana Saito-Stehberger, UC Irvine; Alliant International University

Saturday, April 9, 4:15 – 5:00 pm Convention Center 101B

  • A Little Tech Know-How Goes a Long Way, Julian Elias, CSU, Sacramento
  • Teaching with Twitter, Sonja Lind, UC Irvine
  • Using Social Media to Develop an Autonomous Learning Environment, SoHee Kim, San Francisco State
  • University


Friday, April 8, 7:00 – 7:45 am Hyatt Seaview C
Host: Lynne Diaz-Rico, CATESOL President

Saturday, April 9, 7:00 – 7:45 am Hyatt Seaview C
Host: Belinda Braunstein, CATESOL Past President

Is this your first CATESOL annual conference? Come for an informal welcome and explanation of how to make the most of the conference. Learn what interest groups are and how to follow strands. Hear suggestions from experienced conference goers and meet other newcomers. You bring the questions, and we’ll bring the coffee!

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Electronic Village will undergo transformation at CATESOL State Conference 2011

During the 42nd state conference – Technology Enhanced Language Learning Interest Group is sponsoring a strand of presentations called Technology Mini Presentations.

In a new format this year – the mini-presentations are a chance to hear from a number of your colleagues demonstrating their favorite Internet resource, distance/blended teaching strategy, learning management system, or an instructional software program. Each presenter has 12 minutes, so you’ll get a lot of information in a short time.

Here is a tentative list of presentations:

• A Little Tech Know-How Goes A Long Way
• Creating Interactive Tutorials with Keynote or PowerPoint
• Facebook: It’s not all evil. Use the group feature!
• Getting started with Moodle – course management software
• Share Student Work Online
• Teaching with Twitter
• Text-to-speech technology as an ESL writing tool
• Using social media to develop an autonomous learning environment
• Webquest: An interactive online unit on the DMV
• Writing Your Way with Google Docs
• Wordsift: Visualizing Text

The mini presentations will happen within these time slots:

I: Friday, 10-11:45 am
II Saturday 9-9:45 am (this is a change from the pre-reg booklet)
II Saturday 4:15-5 pm

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