San Diego Regional 2011: Creating the Future Now: Change, Transition, and Innovation – TELL-IG Rap Session

More than 24 people attended the rap. Attendees informally shared the top hardware, gadgets, peripherals, software, Web sites/applications that they are using and/or interesting in using or learning more about. 

Hot topics were blended learning, cell phones, and iPad apps.

Notable Web sites that were shared were The Language Guide, an online picture dictionary with audio and exercises for practicing vocabulary, and Reading Skills for Today’s Adults for timed reading fluency practice.

Kristi Reyes, current coordinator, shared  the results of a survey she conducted through the listserv in Spring 2011.

What are the top 3 – 5 hardware, gadgets, peripherals you use in your teaching (laptops, ipads, cell phones, USB microphones, LCD projectors, interactive white boards, etc.?

  • Results from survey (22 took the survey):  iPad, Document Camera, OH Projector, LCD projector, interactive whiteboard, document camera, laptop, CD player, photocopier

What are the top 3 – 5 software programs you use in your teaching? (e.g., wordprocessing, slideshow presentation, text-to-speech, ESL-specific, etc.)?

  • Results from survey : iPad app- DocAS, iPod-music, google docs word processing, slideshow presentation, publisher software for adopted text (English In Action), wordprocessing, slideshow presentations, lots of online links to various online resources, PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Oxford Picture Dictionary Presentation Tool, Rosetta Stone, wordprocessing, typing tutor, web browsers (IE, Firefox, Safari),  Audacity,  Live Action English Interactive

What are the top 3 – 5 Web sites / applications you use in your teaching? (e.g., Google, Facebook, email, ESL-specific, etc.)

  • Results from survey : classroom weblog (, google docs
    email accounts, quizstar, Cambridge Dictionary Online, Google images
    VOA special English,,, material connected to textbooks, material I authored and put up on my own instructor web site, PB wiki, Google Search, Apps, Gmail,, YouTube, ESL, EFLNet, Blackboard, YouTube, Gmail + Google Docs, ANVILL (from Univ. of Oregon), Voxopop

What is/are the newest technology(ies) that you want to use in your teaching AND/OR that you are interested in learning more about?

  • Results from survey : iPad apps, classroom clickers, distance learning via Moodle, free web-based materials, sound & video, Weebly, Spelling City, Blogs, talking videos, interactive whiteboard, use of technology depends on its availability, lack of money determines tech usage, how other teachers are using Facebook




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teaching ESL in California and working to promote effective technology integration in adult education at a family literacy level
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