San Diego Regional 2010 – Balancing Continuity and Change

A group of about 20 conference attendees came together to share what they are excited about, what they are doing and what they would like to see in technology integration in their ESL/EFL classrooms. These are some topics that emerged from smaller group conversations.


– groups
– issues of privacy – multiple profiles – under settings there are some customization options


– computer lab
– multimedia systems –
– smart boards
– schools have no access to tech – off sites – what to do?

Technology available but no PD.

What to do?
UCSD – free trainings – workshops and one on one

Effective Search on the Internet

Teachers and Ss need help with that

Technology used by graduate students

Some grads have strong skills in creating Web resources for ESL

Teaching Ss tech skills

The impetus on Transitioning Ss into workplace and secondary – need to teach students tech skills
No time in the classroom to teach tech skills
Issues with copyright and plagiarism when learners do projects by doing online research

If you have any resources to add regarding these and other topics, please add them to our wiki.


About teacherbranka

teaching ESL in California and working to promote effective technology integration in adult education at a family literacy level
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