LA Regional CATESOL TELL-IG Rap Session, March 8, 2014

About 15 participants attended the TELL-IG rap session at the LA Regional CATESOL conference at CSU Northridge on March 8. The facilitator was Marla Yosihda from UC Irvine Extension. 

Here are some of their interests and shared resources:

Sources of teaching ideas and activities:  Sharing worksheets and activities created by teachers. Website to accompany the Azar grammar series. Includes teaching advice, “Talking Heads” grammar tutorials, downloadable teachers’ guides and Fun with Grammar book, and a blog.

Resources for teaching and learning online:  “an education platform that partners with top universities and organizations worldwide, to offer courses online for anyone to take, for free.”  A classroom management website similar to moodle or Blackboard, but easier to use. TED-Ed: A classroom-oriented version of TED, a collection of short talks on many subjects by interesting people. Great for listening practice in higher levels.

Other cool things: Helps students make short movies by choosing backgrounds, animated characters, and sound. Helps students make comic strips by choosing characters and typing in dialog.

Participants also discussed ideas for using cell phones in class as timers, sound recorders, video cameras, and “clickers” for polling students.





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Annual Conference 2013: Riding the Waves of Success

TELL-IG members will have many opportunities to share and learn from each other in this much anticipated first fall annual conference.  It’ll be exciting to hear what we have been up to over the last 18 months.

Here’s a list of all TELL-IG related presentations:

More presentations are featured on the Conference Web site.

Technology-Enhanced Language Learning Interest Group featured session will be:
Using Mobile Devices with Students
Susan Gaer (Santa Ana College School of Continuing Education)
Saturday 3:45-5:45, Dover

All your students have them, so let’s learn ways of using them. Mobile devices, such as cellphones, smartphones and tablets are carried in everyone’s pockets. In this session, you will learn how to use these devices for both in classroom and out of classroom learning. Learn ways of engaging students in the learning process. Bring your own mobile devices or share one in the room to find out how you can easily incorporate these devices in your classroom.

Another featured session will be:
Engage Students in Grammar Instruction with Technology Tools
Kristi Reyes, MiraCosta College
Friday 11:00-12:00, Sunset

ESL teachers have a plethora of technology options, from hardware and software to Web-based resources, for use at all stages of a grammar lesson. Actively participate using free, on-line tech integration possibilities, designed by the presenter, that engage students and assist them to retain what they learn.

Sunday morning 3-hour workshop will be:
Technology and ESL: Promising Practices and New Directions
Branka Marceta, OTAN Coordinator of Technology Projects (one 3-hour block)

The Outreach and Technical Assistance Network (OTAN), a California adult education project, explores what technology can do for adult education learners, ESL included. Hear about promising practices, frameworks and mandates regarding the role of technology in the future of education, and learn how to apply new concepts to classroom and distance instruction. Join the discussion about effective integration of content, pedagogy/andragogy, and technology in preparing ESL learners for twenty-first century skills.

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Newsletter June 2013: Putting the Technology Puzzle Together

Putting the Technology Puzzle Together
By Cindy Wislofsky, 2012-13 TELL-IG Coordinator

Integrating technology into our language classrooms can be like a puzzle, fitting pieces together to gradually realize a picture of success.   One piece is classroom equipment.  As more and more schools are being furnished with up-to-date equipment from which teachers can present lessons (e.g. document cameras, computers with the Internet) and computer labs for students, it can be a challenge to utilize the equipment to its full potential.  In the forefront is not just using the equipment, but using it in an engaging, productive way that enhances English language learning.  Here are some creative lesson ideas for using a document camera: and computers with students:

Another piece is the equipment students bring to school, i.e. their smartphones or tablets.  Why not involve students in the language learning process by having them use their own devices?  Check out this list of ideas for using smartphones in the classroom: and some recommended tablet apps worthwhile for the classroom:

Improving collaboration and project-based learning with a fresh approach could be one more piece.  Group work and group projects may be something you often do in your classroom, but have you tried going one step further and incorporating technology to another level?  Here are seven suggestions to consider:

Lastly, inspiring students to use technology to guide their own language learning while having fun can be an additional piece.  When students see their instructors using technology imaginatively and in an enjoyable way, they get enthused and want to experiment on their own.  Discover Flashcard Stash,, to make flash cards for vocabulary practice and play games with the content; Make Beliefs Comix,, to make comic strips for practicing dialogues; Games to Learn English,, for lower level vocabulary and grammar games: or Wordle,, for creating fun ‘word clouds’ from text that you provide.



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TELL-IG Rap at Northern Regional 2013 – “Celebrating Learning, Appreciating Teaching”

Northern Regional 2013 – “Celebrating Learning, Appreciating Teaching”Saturday,
May 4, 2013
Mt. Diablo Adult Education, Loma Vista Adult Center, 1266 San Carlos Avenue, Concord, CA 94518

Over 20 participants shared resources. Here’s the list loosely categorized;

Grammar practice

Online courses, repostiories, content management systems, social media, platforms

Subject matter practice, integrated skills


Textbooks, lesson plans, print materials

Networking Sessions – Facilitating Instruction with Technology


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Annual Conference 2012: Deeply Rooted, Always Growing

TELL sessions are spread throughout the program with many hands-on sessions in the California Room. Technology  is also highlighted in Saturday’s Technology in the
Classroom Institute. And for the first time, the TELL, TEW, and adult interest groups have teamed up for the Adult Level  Workshop on technology and transitions. See Concurrent
Sessions for details.




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North Regional 2011: Showcasing Teaching and Research – TELL-IG Rap

Around 20 attended


New environment without technology

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San Diego Regional 2011: Creating the Future Now: Change, Transition, and Innovation – TELL-IG Rap Session

More than 24 people attended the rap. Attendees informally shared the top hardware, gadgets, peripherals, software, Web sites/applications that they are using and/or interesting in using or learning more about. 

Hot topics were blended learning, cell phones, and iPad apps.

Notable Web sites that were shared were The Language Guide, an online picture dictionary with audio and exercises for practicing vocabulary, and Reading Skills for Today’s Adults for timed reading fluency practice.

Kristi Reyes, current coordinator, shared  the results of a survey she conducted through the listserv in Spring 2011.

What are the top 3 – 5 hardware, gadgets, peripherals you use in your teaching (laptops, ipads, cell phones, USB microphones, LCD projectors, interactive white boards, etc.?

  • Results from survey (22 took the survey):  iPad, Document Camera, OH Projector, LCD projector, interactive whiteboard, document camera, laptop, CD player, photocopier

What are the top 3 – 5 software programs you use in your teaching? (e.g., wordprocessing, slideshow presentation, text-to-speech, ESL-specific, etc.)?

  • Results from survey : iPad app- DocAS, iPod-music, google docs word processing, slideshow presentation, publisher software for adopted text (English In Action), wordprocessing, slideshow presentations, lots of online links to various online resources, PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Oxford Picture Dictionary Presentation Tool, Rosetta Stone, wordprocessing, typing tutor, web browsers (IE, Firefox, Safari),  Audacity,  Live Action English Interactive

What are the top 3 – 5 Web sites / applications you use in your teaching? (e.g., Google, Facebook, email, ESL-specific, etc.)

  • Results from survey : classroom weblog (, google docs
    email accounts, quizstar, Cambridge Dictionary Online, Google images
    VOA special English,,, material connected to textbooks, material I authored and put up on my own instructor web site, PB wiki, Google Search, Apps, Gmail,, YouTube, ESL, EFLNet, Blackboard, YouTube, Gmail + Google Docs, ANVILL (from Univ. of Oregon), Voxopop

What is/are the newest technology(ies) that you want to use in your teaching AND/OR that you are interested in learning more about?

  • Results from survey : iPad apps, classroom clickers, distance learning via Moodle, free web-based materials, sound & video, Weebly, Spelling City, Blogs, talking videos, interactive whiteboard, use of technology depends on its availability, lack of money determines tech usage, how other teachers are using Facebook



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